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Seed Exchange

Welcome to the Scottish Rock Garden Club seed exchange. It is available to all members of our club.

Each year our seed list contains more than 4000 species and varieties of alpine and rock plants and bulbs suitable for the rock, bog and woodland garden. Many of these seeds are not available commercially. The list is prepared each year from donations by around 300 or 400 of our members and is issued in late November/early December. Seed is distributed during January and February, so members receive their seed in time for spring sowing.

The Club thanks all members who donate seed and all volunteers who collate the list, packet the seed and organise worldwide distribution. We hope you all enjoy the process and have great success in growing your seed.


We are very sorry to announce that there will be no main SRGC Seed Exchange in 2020-2021.  The Covid 19 pandemic has led to restrictions this year, and after much discussion, the teams responsible for the three elements of the seed exchange have concluded that it will not be possible to carry out the seed exchange in circumstances which are likely to require social distancing, and may well place limitations on gatherings indoors.  Many of the volunteers who run the exchange are also among those at higher risk from the disease, and may be reluctant to participate in the usual way.  So, please accept our apologies and bear with us until 2021.

However there is a mini-Seed Exchange as advertised in the January 2020 Dryas Newsletter.  This is a Paper-ONLY Exchange, and is ONLY open to UK members.  It operates with cheques and the paper application form.  See Dryas for more details.

For UK members only
A small proportion of seed remaining from the 2019-2020 exchange is available. Details on how to apply for this are given on the main club website and on the Forum. The seed list is available for download from the Seed Lists tab above.

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